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Dr Smart’s Homes must be an ideal solution to a dozen or so ladies and gentlemen over the age of 55 who would like to shed some of the chores of everyday life. Here they may forget about the housework, most of the cooking and the ever increasing heating bills. Instead they can enjoy the comfort and companionship of a purpose built house set in its well maintained grounds.

Residents each have a self-contained and centrally heated apartment with its own front door. The apartments all have a large living room, as well as a small kitchen and bathroom. Residents are invited to furnish their own apartments and anyone who wishes to tend a nearby flower bed is encouraged to do so.

Residents take their main meal at midday in the pleasant first floor dining room overlooking the rose garden. They prepare breakfast and evening meal in their own kitchens and the Dr Smart’s Homes team make available a selection of provisions towards these meals.

The weekly maintenance contributions (which is reviewed annually) is subsidised by the income of a trust set up by the founder Dr. Francis Gray Smart.

We currently don’t have any vacancies

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